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Matt Finish Tiles for Your Homes

Matt finish tiles are mostly installed in kitchens and bathrooms, balconies, and entrances where the floors are usually wet.

If your desired space has to be essentially anti-skid then matt tiles are the ideal choice. Matt tiles can be installed both on walls and floors. The non-reflective surface can help you achieve a relaxing environment.

Matt bathroom tiles not only have a smooth, non-reflective surface but are also non-slippery, hence, preventing accidents. It is basically for floors that come in contact with water very frequently. Our fine variety of matt tiles will help you achieve a subtle and safe space.

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Matt bathroom tiles are the most preferred tiles when it comes to tiling with safety. Since bathroom floors are mostly wet, their anti-slip texture makes them an ideal choice. They have a better grip than any other tile and they require very low maintenance. We have a range of designer tiles for your bathrooms in soothing colors and styles.

Matt tiles are a desirable option when it comes to tiling. Listed below are some of the pros of Matt tiles:

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Anti-Slippery
  • Subtle and Soothing
  • Natural Rustic Finish
  • Conceals Stains and Dirt

It could be a bit tricky to clean matt tiles due to their texture but on the brighter side, they are also very resistant to dirt and stains. Vinegar and dish soap mixed with water usually takes the dirt and grime off. For stubborn stains, you can use lemon water, and baking soda mixed with detergent and warm water as well. After cleaning with a brush make sure you use a microfiber cloth to mop them dry, this ought to make your floor spick and span.

Matt tiles are made up of a special type of porcelain that is more resistant to scratches than traditional porcelain tiles. They are both scratch and stain resistant than glossy tiles. So if you are looking for a tile that can stand up to everyday wear and tear. Matt tiles are the best option.