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Premium High-glossy Tiles

If you want an exquisite interior, high-glossy tiles are the way to go. High Glossy tiles add an extra dimension to your space with their shiny finish. They can enhance your living space with their magnificent look. Sinotrade has a broad range of elegant high glossy tiles in 600x1200mm available in various colors and designs according to your liking.

High glossy tiles are a symbol of class, if you want your space to have a lavish feel then we are the best pick. Their reflective trait gives your room an illusion of more space. Moreover, high glossy tiles are also very easy to clean. We have implemented innovative technology to make these tiles the perfect fit for your space. They have high durability and are very resistant to stains. Embellish your home with our exemplary high glossy tiles today!


High glossy tiles have the ability to enrich and illuminate any space small or large. Their lustrous finish makes them a good fit if you want an aesthetically pleasing interior. Here are a few reasons why you should choose high-glossy tiles:

  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Gives a lavish appeal
  • Adds magnitude to space
  • Brightens the space
  • Can be used on both floors and walls.
  • Top-notch quality that will last for years

High Glossy tiles are made with a glossy glaze, this saves us the hassle and expense of getting them polished. They have a rich and vibrant look as they are glazed. Glossy tiles give you the desired shine without requiring polish.

One of the prime advantages of high glossy tiles is that they’re very easy to clean. You can keep these tiles dirt-free with just a clean soft and moist cloth and basic cleaning agents like warm water, and liquid detergent. Due to its smooth and glossy finish it is easy to wipe off water or oil spills in your kitchen.

High glossy tiles enhance the beauty of any space and they’re mostly used to make the place look visually fascinating. It enhances the aesthetics of the interior. Not only that, but they are also very easy to clean which makes them ideal for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls. It saves you the struggle of vigorous cleaning and also gives an elegant look. If you’re going for a posh, extravagant look for your kitchen and washrooms then high glossy tiles are just the one for you. Since it is easy to clean you can use these tiles in your fireplace.

They add a luxurious magnificence to your space so they can be installed in your living room, bedrooms, guest rooms, and entrance. High glossy tiles are also the best pick for dimly lit or small rooms since their glossy texture and mirror-like appearance give the illusion of a larger space.